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Dennis Cryan & Associates


RPOWER, a leader in software solutions for point-of-sale (POS) systems for NCR platforms also brings you the latest in restaurant touchscreen display (RDS) technology.

System Reliability:
RPOWER's simple Windows configuration and minimal installation footprint create ironclad stability in the workplace, keeping your focus on the customer and not on your point-of-sale system. Day in and day out RPOWER operates at the level you would expect from a mature and time-tested product. Product updates are always thoroughly tested and certified by our development team prior to release to ensure problem-free maintenance for our customers.

3rd Party Software Integrations:
RPOWER understands each ownership group has its own set of business software applications. RPOWER has developed and continually produces comprehensive interface software to allow direct integration to your business applications. Including our flagship QuickBooks Integration, a completely hands-free general ledger, labor, and accounts posting to a local or remote QuickBooks database.

Software Flexibility and Performance:
High-volume establishments require a point-of-sale solution to keep pace with its staff. RPOWER's unmatched capability to process multiple transactions seamlessly from a large number of workstations makes for rapid order turnaround without awkward software constraints. Slow credit card approval times are a thing of the past with RPOWER's Internet processing. Successful businesses listen to their customers. Over the last ten years and continuing into the future, RPOWER is constantly adjusting to meet your establishment's needs. Whether for a multi-store chain or a privately owned site, specifically targeted features for Fine Dining, Delivery, Night Clubs, Quick Service, Cafeterias, and more are all available within your RPOWER system.